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A second PC version, titled.
The English dub was produced at Bang Zoom!
Retrieved March 7, 2012.He is often employed by Yayoi Matsunaga.The first anime was licensed by Right Stuf International for distribution in North America; the first DVD was released in March 2007.1 3 Takahashi originally considered creating a story with worms revolution crack only dark fantasy and gothic themes, but changed his approach in order to avoid making three consecutive works with dark themes.2 The soundtrack also features " Gessekai " by buck-tick as the opening theme, and "Mirai Kro" by La'cryma Christi as the closing theme.Japanese :, Hepburn : Mayonaka no Tantei Nightwalker ) is a late night anime, tV series created by, ayana Itsuki that is adapted from.Night Walker is an adventure game, focused mostly on character interaction and problem solving.9 Lastly, a PlayStation Portable version, titled To Heart Portable, was released as part of the To Heart 2 Portable 's "W Pack" and limited edition releases on July 30, 2009.In the versions released since the original, there are six bonus minigames available that serve to lengthen the experience.Unfortunately, the film masters had been destroyed, and their only choice was to restore and digitally remaster the video that they had been sent.A special bundle of, to Heart 2 and a PS2 version of, to Heart was released on the same day.A male friend of Riho and Mikako.The anime, which was produced by AIC and Oriental Light and Magic, and directed by Keitaro Motonaga, aired in Japan between October 2 and December 25, 2004 compiling thirteen episodes.A private investigator by day and a demon hunter by night, Shido solves murder cases caused by monsters called nightbreeds.Retrieved December 24, 2012.9 The PS2 version of the game was enhanced from the previous PS release, visual studio 2013 express for windows and it was not included with the limited or regular edition releases of To Heart.What anime do you want to show her?Yayoi pays Shido with her blood in exchange for his expertise in investigating nightbreeds, and their relationship goes beyond being strictly professional."-The Essence of To Heart-" To Heart Official Guidebook: The Essence of To Heart (in Japanese).
3 Although the story contains futuristic elements such as maid robots, Takahashi stated the story takes place during contemporary times.
"ToHeart(PS To Heart Product Information (PS) (in Japanese).