dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu 12.10

Do not mess with either one.
The autodesk autocad 2015 64bit System Reserved partition is /dev/sda1.Win7 installed first and Win7 still controlling startup after Linux installation.When prompted, boot from the CD/DVD.Because that is the one that will allow you to configure the partitions manually and let you choose where the boot loader will be installed.Use the free EasyBCD.2 utility to add "Linux/BSD" (select grub2) to the Windows boot loader menu.So firstly I tried to install Ubuntu, from the website to run alongside Windows.Shrink the Windows 7 or Vista Partition for instructions on completing this task successfully.Since I just built a new computer with uefi firmware, I decided to recreate those tutorials to show how it should be done on computers with the latest firmware, and also to see if I will run into any of the problems that others have.The one you need to mess with is the C drive.Only Windows boots for now.Related Post: The Samsung Android tablet that will never access the Internet.The highly-acclaimed, easyBCD is a free editing utility that allows any user to easily edit the Windows 8/7/Vista boot menu (the BCD or Boot Configuration Data).Before you start messing with the partitions in Windows, download an installation image of Ubuntu.04 from here.This guide also contains that rescue plan - just in case!Next, choose the filesystem ext4 to install Ubuntu on and click.
Another thing you may want to do is backup your information on the machine before starting the process.
Shrink Volume, here, you can accept the default value or adjust it to your needs.