maryland child safety seat laws 2013

Before traveling out of state, or even cruising around your hometown with an infant or young child, be sure to take a moment to educate yourself on child-seat specific safety game dua xe oto 3d laws.
The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children under the age of two ride rear-facing in a child safety seat.
It puts the child's life at risk (especially in extreme hot and cold temperatures) and, because of a child's curiosity with buttons, pedals, and gears, it puts others' lives at risk, too.ORS, news, maryland Cell Phone and Seat Belt Law Effective October 1, 2013.Unattended Children and Pets, children.In fact, unless the animal is working with the police or is in an animal control officer's custody, it's illegal.Org for car insurance rates: Seat Belts, all drivers and front seat passengers must wear seat belts.Marylands new law allows for tickets to be issued even if there is no other vioation observed when using a cell phone while a motor vehicle is in motion and/or if drivers and front seat passengers are not wearing seat belts.Maryland Law, maryland law requires every child under 8 years old to ride in a safety seat, unless the child is over 4 feet 9 inches or weighs more than 65 pounds.Driving is not the time to talk or text on a cell phone.How To Buy a Child Safety Seat.Headlights, when driving in Maryland, you must turn on your headlights whenever the light, weather, or other atmospheric conditions makes it difficult to see people or vehicles 1,000 feet away from you.Turn the front wheels to the curb, if you're parked on a grade.Regardless of the differences, each state has one thing in common: some form of a child car seat law and penalty for violation.Seat belts save lives.