more realistic game engine

Dumb animation names (m/issues/74) * Fixed: Bradley's now have proper cargo compartment attenuation * Fixed: Vodnik gunners were perma-turned out, but had turned tony story 2 meek mill in attenuation * Fixed: startSpeaking didnt trigger on channel change (m/issues/77) * Fixed: hasKindOfRadio didnt work (m/issues/78).2.10 * Added: Lower/Raise headset.
David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies, said in an interview with GamesBeat that Unity has about 160 engineers now, and roughly half of the team worked on Unity 5 or things related.
We jane by design season 1 episode 9 manually propigate our positions, so signals now always work when distances are greater than 10km.
Overall terrain detection should be more accurate (no more mystery hills) * Changed: Vehicle racks do not have a "open radio" button anymore * Fixed: Various vehicle rack bugs * Fixed: retrans function rxmtAttachToObj now works properly * Fixed: Sometimes the client would stutter with.Respawn now with gear scripts should not be broken.Acre_api_fnc_getDisplayName, acre_api_fnc_rack_mountRadio * Fixed: Ace "on-back" was broken again (m/issues/73) * Fixed: Turned in/out attenuation for LAV-25's fixed.Beta can now play with.Should be much, much, much more stable * changed: Left/right ear radios should now be louder * removed: Multi-ptt has been disabled again until it can be re-worked * fixed: Due to plugin re-write, death muting and jip muting should be much more stable.Helgason said that Unitys 3D graphics are more functional than Epics Unreal Engine 3, and new features will approach the quality of Unreal Engine.Smashed and fixed again.Changed: Distortion engine got a re-vamp, sounds digital now.Fixed: There was a small chance that you would start a mission and radios would disappear.Example: when using the realBallast class to handle row crop, normal wheels and duals you have to hide the normal wheels when you set the row crop mode) - Default global price balancing 1 (4 for West Bridge Hill or default Hagensted or any DLC.That is a real-time lighting system that makes game scenes look much more realistic with accurate lighting and shadows that move as the scene shifts or characters move.Fixed: With Stereo sound, you would still hear people really far away when they were really far away.3.9 * Fixed TS3 issue where stereo sound was improperly mixed by TS3.3.8 * Changed: Updated API version and made compatible for TS3.0.0 Final.Actually fixed the ts3 permission issue.Fixes #128.3.4 * Fixed: Devide by zero error when broadcasting to someone inside your own vehicle * Fixed: Death blip should be gone a bit * Fixed: Forced CPU Affinity within crack rld.dll pes 2013 the TS3 process when acre is loaded.Unity 5 is a massive update to the existing Unity Engine, with features such as Enlighten.Fixed: Handling of Teamswitching should be working now.3.3 * Added: Russian version of documentation * Added: V2 Signatures * Changed: You can no longer open a radio in a vehicle rack unless you use it first * Changed: Virtual rack radios (tanks/aircraft) are.V1.2.9 * Fixed: The 3d attenuation "carrier bug" is gone now (m/issues/32) * Fixed: Build errors.2.8 * Added: acre now has an interact and self interact key.fixed: Ace wounds overhaul system now supported.V1.3.6 * Changed: Death and spectating completely revamped.Default to laltlshiftq for interact, laltlshifte for self interact (m/issues/46) * Changed: The "transmitting hint" dialog now has a yellow border that instant goes on/off when you transmit/let go (Fixes m/issues/28) * Changed: Action menu items for remote radio usage are gone.