playman world soccer game

But in our view, Playman World Soccer is the most fun and accessible mobile football game yet, and deserves space on your handset.
We'd even go so far as to say it's something of a quiet revolution for mobile football games.You'll grasp the controls in seconds, leaving more time to actually play the game, unlike other titles.It all looks good too, especially if you've got a 3D-capable handset, with the cartoony graphics that the Playman series has become known for.It was founded in 1999, and acquired.There are also some neat extras, such as the fizzing super-shot graphic effects and a host of frankly barking-mad unlockable features to customise your team.External links edit, references edit, retrieved from " p?titleMr.Selected Covers, selected Screenshots.The company was best known for the casual sports game franchise Playman Sports, 2 spanning numerous incarnations such as Playman Summer Games, Playman Winter Games and Playman World Soccer.RealNetworks on 1,.We'll make no bones about it: most mobile football games are blood difficult.At least, that's our excuse, and we're sticking.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search,.Okay, so it isn't the most serious soccer sim around - if realism's your thing, you're better off checking out Real Football 2006 (below) or the upcoming fifa World Cup game.Along with original intellectual property, the company worked with several high-profile licenses such as Trivial Pursuit, 3, south Park, 4, scrabble, 5 and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.The game has plenty of depth too, allowing you to play a quick match, parti te in a penalty shoot-out, or take on the full Career mode, which sets you a series of challenges.Edit description add games, viewing all 3 items, game Title.Taking a console-style football game and making it work on a mobile handset with cramped buttons often ends in tears, or RSI at the very least.Because of the way your player constantly runs forward in a straight line, leaving you to just press 4 and 6 to turn him.Even expert footy fans find it tough to successfully run, pass, shoot and tackle using keys that were never designed for the job.
Group Description, a series of mobile sports games featuring the character Playman, developed.
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