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Below is a S P 500 Return calculator with dividend reinvestment, a feature too often skipped when"ng investment returns. .
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Let me say that again in a different way: other than the as you like it shakespeare pdf most recent month, which is tied to one closing price (and listed in the editor note at the top of the page the month.However, investors can easily mirror the index's performance by investing in an S P 500 Index mutual fund or exchange-traded fund.Implications Does it mean a lot to include reinvested dividends?S P has on their index site.Daily Volume as of Aug 25, 2017 126,500.Consider the following in July 1999 Shillers data has the S P 500 at 1380.99.A significant detail about the historical S P returns is that nearly half, over 40, of the gains made over the years come from dividends.The S P 500 Dividends Reinvested Price Calculator (With Inflation Adjustment).One issue you run into a lot when you are discussing optimal savings strategies is the inability of people discussing their returns versus the S P 500 to produce a fair comparison.Diamandis talked about his upcoming plans for the xprize Foundation and the rapid pace of technological change.Using that number, I calculate how many shares of the S P 500 index I can buy, and run a cumulative count from 1876 to 2012.If you only used the price return of the S P 500 youd appear to have made.394 gain, when, dividends reinvested, it was more like.253 gain.Consider from January 1950 until April 2012 the return was 8,182.464 for the index price and a whopping 66226.545 for the dividends reinvested index.Or, try our popular individual stock Graham Number calculator or our individual stock dividend reinvestment calculator.S P 500 Movers closed, last Updated: Aug 25, 2017 5:03.m.Bloomberg Index Ticker sptrsgx, shares Outstanding as of Aug 25, 2017 133,500,000.The zero percent that you really got is the "geometric mean also called the "annualized return or the.
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