steel fury kharkov 1942 mods

This sticky will mostly deal with patchs and mods and I will try to keep it updated.
Full shot, Deviator.
This mod allows a better first person POV in and out of the tank.
Ulla (Pz 38(t) Capture the viator.Graviteams SFK42 to aru kagaku no railgun episode 4 forums: p?board1.20 Mediafire SFK42 files: m/?q38nkzaginphq I think this might be useful to all SF fans and can complement separate efforts.Steel_Sound_Mod_Collection by stone2009.War Machine, March 1943 (Mk.V "Panther" D).by Rends.Otto Carius: yellow tools authorization key Siivertsi (Pz VI lockie.Normandy hedgerows (Sherman M4A1/75).by lockie.Die hard, March 1945 (SdKfz 251/9 adjusted lockie.Ernogostie (T-34/76).by deviator.As mentioned above the english version of SMP.5 Beta has not been released.SFK42 to get the mods that came out between the SPM releases.The road to Tobruk adjusted lockie.