tiberian sun walkthrough rescue prisoners

Destroy them or capture them.
Free Rebel Commander Objectives: Evacuate the Rebel Commander Difficulty: Easy Location: aida64 extreme edition keygen 2.60 To the most western choice of the two choices.
Difficulty: Medium Kill the two light infantries.
Build a Power Plant and a Tiberium Refinery.You must destroy it vmware fusion windows 10 resolution using your Ion cannon to see a cutscene.Here, prepare to use Nod style of battle.Don't bother about the gate to the east.Command a unit to pick it to win the mission.1.6: 9th September, 2003 Doin' some corrections.Build another power plant near the first one and build a Barracks.Firestorm Generator Description: This generates the power to activate the Firestorm defense.Capture the War Factory too.Its expansion pack, Firestorm was released on Contents show Story Tiberian Sun follows Michael McNeil (GDI) and Anton Slavik (Nod) as they command Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod forces during the Second Tiberium War.Don't forget about infantries.Try not to spend too much.Bring your cyborg commando and Slavick to the base at the northeast in a Subteranean APC.You can explore if you want.Then, head back down the ramp and go around the plateau.