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This allows Lara, for example, to get behind a closed door if there's a checkpoint directly behind.
The rest is straightforward.
The other cute things that happen more often than not are Lara killing herself with the sword, and the magical green fire not coming out of the sword.Read his comments for more information.I had to find this trick myself, which seems kind of odd, as, based on the crazy tricks found in the speedrun guide, it seems like many people are far better at finding things like this than.Segment 11 (00:20:33 - 00:22:29) The airwalk at the beginning went well, the drop from it was flawless and as quick as possible.All this time they spend to port it.Jackie Wu - for being very supportive and for being my best online friend since my first run.The second grenade in the last fight was accidental, but let me finish the fight very fast.Copyright softonic international.A.Too bad you can't check it out yourself, since the link is already dead.After it lands, shooting the cage is faster than pushing it, and only really possible on the PC version (based on the PS2 version anyway).Killing a couple of guards in the drained water room takes barely any time and makes the rope climb far less risky (on hard, if you leave them, there's about an 80 chance you will get knocked down, with only one left your chance.Someone told me a trick where slowing down could make you kill faster, but I couldn't seem to confirm that in my testing.Game Name : Tomb Raider Legend, mode(s) : Single-player, category : Action-adventure, developer : Crystal Dynamics, publisher : Eidos Interactive.Tomb Raider, legend en Windows.The second pit jump is another shortcut I wouldn't do if this wasn't segmented.Publish Date : April 5, 2006, file Size :.4 GB /content content title"System Requirement" CPU : Pentium 3 CPU Speed : 1 GHz RAM : 256 MB Operating Systems : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,.1 10 Video Card : 100 DirectX.0c.Part 4, Bike ride: This is the main reason I segmented this level, the bike rides are mostly luck; even if you stick close, sometimes Lara lands every shot, other times she goes through three clips for one biker (and sometimes it varies mid-level).There's barely anything I can tell you more through this text that isn't mentioned in the audio commentary, so just some basic stuff about the segments.The jump from the wall to the bridge is one of the biggest shortcuts in this level, if you get it right you only do one small stumble, but I didn't manage that, and messed up a jump a little, which is one of the.It's extremely easy to screw up and make the box drop, or take far too long to pull it up, it went well this time and only needed minimal repositioning at the end.
Freezing the boss require tons of luck and very precise timing, it seems like getting the first hit in substantially lowers its chance of evasion, but it still has a habit of suddenly dodging everything you throw.