uninstall cloudera manager ubuntu

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To stop the StreamSets service in Cloudera Manager, click Clusters StreamSets and then click Actions Stop.Use one of the following methods to shut down Data Collector: To use the command line, use the following command: service sdc stop.Host localhost expected to have name localhost but resolved (tHostName itself to arul-pc.Remove the directory where you extracted the tarball.Each node in the cluster except the master host(s) should run the DataNode and TaskTracker services.It picks value from hostname -f command.This is a requirement if you are deploying high availability (HA) for the NameNode.Remove the Data Collector directories.I am installing, cloudera Manager in my system(14.04/64b).In a large cluster, it is especially important that the Secondary NameNode (if used) runs on a separate machine from the NameNode.Note: Cloudera recommends installing CDH 5 and dependencies with Cloudera Manager.Directions for installing MRv1 are in Step.Important: Cloudera recommends that you install (or update) and start a ZooKeeper cluster before proceeding.To deactivate the previous StreamSets parcel, choose the appropriate cluster in the Location selector, and then click Deactivate for the parcel.A given IP should only be listed once.D, existing environment variables remain in force and can produce unpredictable results.Ubuntu or, debian systems: OS Version, command, debian 8, jessie wget y -O y sudo apt-key add.While installing at the final step, before finish installation I got some.The fqdn must be the first entry in /etc/hosts for the corresponding.